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2016-2017 Amended Budget

2017-2018 Budget

2018-2019 Budget

2019-2020 Budget

2020-2021 Budget

2021-2022 Budget

2022-2023 Budget


2016 Audit

2017 Audit

2018 Audit

2019 Audit

2020 Audit

2021 Audit

Rules & Regulations


DDA Ordinance

DDA Bylaws

DDA Policies


Development and TIF Plans

1985-04-02 DDA TIF Plan

1989-03-30 CC Ordinance Amending TIF Plan

2008-09-16 Ordinance 08-07 Amending TIF Plan

2019-10-24 DDA TIF Projects Prioritization Committee Draft

2019-11-04 Manistee Development and TIF Plan

2020-02-18 Manistee Development and TIF Plan

2021 Annual TIF Report

Strategic Planning

2008 Beckett & Raeder Downtown Strategic Plan

2017-2020 Final Strategic Plan

2019-2020 Facilitated Planning Report

2020 Strategic Plan


2012 Beckett & Raeder Manistee North Corridor Placemaking Project (September)

2017 Imagine Manistee Survey Results (May)

2018 MSU Sustainable Built Environment Initiative Presentation (May)

Zoning Information

City of Manistee Zoning Ordinance C-3 Central Business District

City of Manistee Zoning Map

Manistee Commercial Historic District Map

City of Manistee Planning and Zoning Department

Application for Certificate of Appropriateness (facades)

Manistee Historic District Commission


2015 – City Attorney

2020 City Service Agreement

2020 Economic Development Contract

2020 Executive Director Contract

2021 Richard & McDougall CPA

2021 West Shore Community College Lease

2021 Anderson, Tackman & Company, PLC

2022 Richard & McDougall CPA

2023 Richard & McDougall CPA

2023 Economic Development Contract

Project Rising Tide

2019-05-21 Manistee Preliminary Presentation-Economic Development Strategy

2019-07 Final Manistee Economic Development Strategy Report

2019-09-10 Manistee Housing Action Plan


DDA Economic Development Transition Plan

Board Operations

State of Michigan Open Meetings Act


Downtown Business District Outdoor Seating