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Caitlyn M Berard, Executive Director



Board Members

Rachel Brooks – Chair

Kyle Mosher – Vice Chair

Valerie Bergstrom – Treasurer

Barry Lind- Secretary 

T. Eftaxidis

Jodi Walter

Karen Goodman

Thad Taylor

Tamara Deponio 





Goals for June to December 2019

* Reporting for the DDA
PA 57 requires new reporting and publishing regulations. The Manistee DDA is preparing the right layout to share our programs and projects with you!

* Fully Support Spark
Spark is our local pitch competition for beginning entrepreneurs interested in being located in the DDA District. Spark 2020 is in the planning process now. The new application will open September 2019. We look forward to seeing the community for our January 25th, 2020 Pitch Competition event where we will announce this year’s winner! Please contact the DDA office for more information.

* American Cleaners Project
The DDA purchased the old American Cleaners property on River Street. What development will be next?

* Support the Design Committee Initiatives for 2019-2020
– Project Bloom
– American Cleaners
-Garbage Can/Planter Painting
-Streetscape repairs

* Support Project Rising Tide

* Support the Business Development Committee Initiatives for 2019-2020
-Retention Plan and Process for DDA District Businesses

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(231) 398-3262


70 Maple St
Manistee, MI 49660

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